A Misfit In Montreal, His Coffee Experience & Recommendations.


A Misfit In Montreal, His Coffee Experience & Recommendations.

Planning to spend some time in Montreal? Looking to drink some good coffee, and catch some cool atmospheres? Tune in and see if any of my top spots sound like an experience you might be looking for!

There was no criteria to what I was looking for while in Montreal outside of it being specialty, high quality coffee, hopefully prepared properly.

To start, if you are not aware, Montreal is heavily french inspired. I could certainly see this transition into the coffee culture as well. Although I have never been to Europe to consume coffee...yet, from what I have heard the cafe scene seemed to be a solid balance between European and American coffee culture. Every store of every kind not only served coffee, but also had an espresso machine. Clothing stores, Salons, most restaurants and more. That being said, most of these places did not focus on the coffee, rather it was just a nice add-on for those looking for a quick and convenient fix. In addition to the European inspiration, I could tell there were far more people who were looking for that quick shot of espresso, or coffee to go, as they travel about their days. We see this commonly in the US at larger chains, supplying coffee to those who are too busy to sit and stay. In Montreal, this seemed far more common even for the smaller independent specialty shops, which I think is awesome.

Now to the good stuff, in no particular order.

Cafe Myriade

Serving coffee from - 49th Parallel – Vancouver, Canada

Pulling shots on - Kees Van Der Westen Spirit espresso machine

Grinding Coffee with – Mahlkonig Peak Grinder

This Cafe was fairly small, but that did not stop them from filling it to the brim with seating. I was honestly shocked to see that they managed to fit 10 tables, 21 seats in such a small space, but it worked.

Myriade seems to have a hardcore following, as every seat was full, and the line continued to grow out the door on a standard weekday afternoon. The equipment they were using was top notch, I even noticed some very new to the market coffee tools. This tells me they are passionate about their craft, and interested in investing in what helps make their coffee as great as it was.

The customer service was simple and to the point. I had a few questions, and they were happy to answer, even in the rush.

I had a shot of “old school espresso” from 49th Parallel Coffee roasters. It was rich with a heavy chocolaty body, followed by this awesome apple like sweetness, making for a very enjoyable and well executed shot.

Bottom line: if you are looking for a place to do work, this might not be the best spot. If you are looking to catch up with a friend, or grab some coffee to go, Its certainly worth checking out, I wouldn’t mention it if it wasn't!


Pigeon Coffee

Serving coffee from - Pigeon (roasted off site) and Stumptown Coffee

pulling shots on – La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine

Grinding espresso with - Mazzer Robur E

This spot has to be the smallest brick & mortar coffee shop I have ever been to. It had to be under 200Sq. Ft. which I appreciated, considering Misfit is only 100sq. ft.

You cant help to immediately notice their unique branding. “world worst coffee” “make americanos great again” they even have the word “WORST” tiled into the wall! Its catchy, funny, and not true...the coffee was great! Speaking of which, this was the only shop I noticed selling coffee from a provider in the US: Stumptown, which was cool. Getting a product from the US takes more time and money, that didn’t stop them from having a product that might be more familiar for visitors, while possibly being more sought after from locals.

This shop is definitely intended to cater to the people on the street looking for a quick warm up and caffeine buzz. Pigeon had 5 seats, with a counter that could fit a envelope sized piece of paper, luckily that was all I needed for my quick cup of pigeon drip coffee. I am not sure exactly what it was that I was drinking, but it was highly enjoyable, with notes of rosemary, a peach sweetness, and a light tobacco-like body.

As for atmosphere, it was well lit, and the high ceiling was completely consumed with vibrant green plants. I have never seen something like this before, but It made for a very fresh, earthy, and unique atmosphere.

Bottom line: this is not a destination, nor is it a place to hangout. Pigeon Coffee is a place to get a great coffee beverage, and a vibe polar opposite to the snowy streets, while you wait. I would say this place is pretty Instagramable, if thats what you are into.


Cafe Neve

Serving coffee from

  • Neve (roasted off site)
  • Anchored Coffee in Nova Scotia

Pulling shots on - Nuova Simonelli Aurelia espresso machine

Grinding espresso with - ?

This coffee stop is pretty popular so I hear, and see online. Frankly, its very simple. A simple coffee and espresso bar, with one long 12 seat conference table, as well as a small 2 seat side table. To be honest, I was surprised to see how comfortable people were, being in such close quarters, but this something I appreciate very much. The crowd was mixed, some people just chatting, others doing work, and others just coming in, to hit the sidewalk with their to-go coffee. It felt and appeared to be more of a “students” coffee joint. I had a Cortado and found it to be fairly average, nothing to write home about. The chocolate chip cookies on the other hand were OUT OF THIS WORLD, As was their music selection. Appealing to me, maybe not so much to other crowds, the barista was dancing and making coffee to Mac Miller's “ Divine Feminine album, which truth be told is pretty much hip “love-making” music. As much as I do enjoy this album, I more so enjoyed seeing the barista in her zone, with her tunes, doing her thing, and loving her job. I know what it feels like to work a bar, where you control the vibes of the shop, and I was happy to see her taking advantage of it.

Bottom line: If you are strictly looking for the best coffee, I wouldn't say this is your spot, but if you happen to be in the area its worth checking out, especially if your craving a sweet treat!


Dispatch Coffee

Serving coffee from – Dispatch Coffee roasters, Montreal (roasted off site)

pulling shots on – Custom La Marzocco Linea PB

Grinding espresso - Nuova Simonelli mythos

Manual brew – Aeropress

Dispatch Coffee was a must on my list, not only because they just opened this new cafe, more-so because similarly to Misfit, they started out as a coffee truck (they still operate in it during the warmer summer months)

I walked by the space a few times before having a moment to go in and enjoy a drink. At first glance through the window I thought the space almost seemed to plain and bland, lacking coziness and comfort, this was later amended. I was initially greeted with cheerful baristas, a lot of high end brewing gear, and a ton of origin offerings for both brewing as coffee, and purchasing. I had a delicious Aeropress of Rwanda Kanzu with notes of molasses bread with butter, and plum. I also ordered a shot of espresso, but was too caught up in the experience to jot down notes. The baristas were kind enough to let me take photos, answer my questions, and even teach me “their way” on the Aeropress bar (which I have now brought to Misfits own brew bar recipe book)

The bar buildout was beautifully, and well designed for any barista looking to take their job seriously. It appeared to be spacious, functional, and filled with the newest industry equipment. Everything, including their water kettles had scales. Dispatch does not fall short of striving for perfection, and that was apparent in my cup of coffee. As for seating, they offer a few styles such as benches, tables and chairs. Whether you are trying to get some work done, read a book, meet with a friend, even a group of friends, the space is large enough, and versatile enough to cater your needs.

Bottom line: check Dispatch out, it's worth it. As mentioned, cozy would not be the word to describe it, but the atmosphere was cool, unique, and versatile. The vibes were great all around, the baristas were informative and lastly, the coffee was some of the best I had in Montreal


Pikolo Espresso Bar

Serving coffee from

  • 49th Parellel Coffee Roasters – Vancouver, Canada

  • Phil & Sebastian coffee roasters – Calgary, Canada

pulling shots on – Kees Van Der Westen Mirage

Grinding espresso with – Mahlkonig Peak Espresso Grinder

Pikolo Espresso Bar is a cool, high ceiling lofted cafe, with seating on ground level, as well as in the loft area. The space is outfitted with oldschool and unique retro-industrial décor. It has a slightly beaten up and worn feel, apposed to some super sleek shops. This “worn” characteristic seems to be more inviting to any passerby then say an upscale / high class design which I feel can sometimes add pressure to people new to the specialty coffee scene.

The baristas were extremely sweet and helpful. Happy to chat, talk shop, and know about your day. I would say Pikolo offered one of the better customer service experiences of the shops I visited in Montreal. The staff seemed to be enjoying themselves, the customers, and their craft. The balance of seriousness and playfulness was spot on with what I look for in a shop.

For my beverage I ordered a shot of espresso from Phil & Sebastian Coffee roasters ( Colombia Jerico) I didn’t take notes on this coffee, but I do recall it being delightful, complex and balanced. In my books this qualified as well executed, and dialed shot of espresso!

Bottom line: This shop is a great multi-use space, with great coffee. Plenty of seating for all sorts of activities, super friendly baristas, and it definitely offers a vibe that differs from other specialty shops in Montreal.

lastly, I said these were in no particular order, although I did save the best for last, (in my opinion.)


Cafe Spoon

Serving coffee from – Cantook Coffee Roasters – Quebec City, Canada

pulling shots on – La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine

Grinding espresso with - Mazzer Robur E

Manuel Brew – French press, V60, Chemex

Cafe Spoon is a newer arrival to the Montreal Coffee Scene, with a sister soup business located above the coffee shop (Soup Spoon, the soup is also avaible for purchase in the cafe, and it was seriously tasty!)

Cafe Spoon instantly grabbed my attention as I was walking down the sidewalk, peering through windows to the basement business when I saw what appeared to be a gorgeous basement cafe, It was like love at first sight.

Walking in, I was blown away with the layout and interior design of the space: inviting, refreshing, simple and bright. In my opinion the design was as perfect and fitting for the space as it ever could be. Green plants all over, tile floor, rounded tile espresso bar, copper plumbing that doubled as beautiful ceiling art, light wood, with leather seats, it truly was everything I was hoping to come across while in Montreal. They had various styles of seating: tables, benches, bay window seating, whatever your plans are, they can likely accommodate in terms of seating.

So, the space was amazing, now what about the coffee? Upon ordering, I noticed they were serving a coffee who's branding is some of my favorite I have ever seen on the internet (Cantook Coffee) and I was seriously excited to see if the coffee, lived up to the branding. I visited this shop on multiple occasions during my stay in Montreal to try the coffee in various forms. The first time I ordered a shot of Waykan Espresso from Guatemala Huehuetenango. It was served properly in a cute aqua espresso cup with a matching saucer and spoon. I was absolutely blown away with this shot. It honestly had to be one of the best espresso shots I have had in the last 6 months, including the hundreds I have pulled at my own cafe. Sweet, spicy, full of body and complexity. I could easily be happy drinking this espresso at anytime of the day, everyday. That being said, due to the complexity of this espresso I felt it functioned better as a stand-alone espresso than something you would add to a milk beverage like the cortado I had at a later date. The cortado was great, but I prefer something slightly roastier and bold to pair with milk based beverages. Furthermore, I had that same Guatemala as a drip coffee which was equally delightful as the espresso, but slightly more dialed back and smooth. The spice and sweetness was still the focus in brewed coffee form. If I could do it all over again, I would have probably bought two bags of this coffee to bring home, it was that amazing!

The Barista was very sweet, welcoming, informative and educated.

Bottom line: If you only had one slot of time to check out a cool shop, for either the atmosphere, or quality of the coffee, this is your place.

Follow up all of this coffee with a jaw-dropping cocktail menu at The Lab

Find the BEST poutine in Old Montreal at Montreal Poutine

Find the BEST bagels in Montreal at St-Viateur Bagel & Cafe Mont-Royal

Hope this helps you find YOUR perfect cup of coffee!


Cold Brew Coffee Growlers - NOW AVAILABLE


Cold Brew Coffee Growlers - NOW AVAILABLE

With Fall approaching, its time to start thinking about all the fun forms of summer caffeination.

We were so stoked to see how excited our customers were with Misfit's half gallon cold brew growlers. It was interesting to hear feedback from our customers on how they utilized their large supply of cold coffee most regularly: some make cocktails, some make iced lattes, others throw it in the back seat of every summer road trip they make.

Misfit Cold Brew growlers have endless uses, and we plan to add to the fun by releasing some unique “at home recipes” for both coffee beverages, as well as alcoholic cocktail recipes!

64 ounce growlers are available for purchase at the Misfit Coffee, as well as a few other locations around Minneapolis & Saint Paul. Initial purchase price is $22.00 and refills are $15.00 - Black Coffee & Waffle Bar (Saint Paul) fills Misfit Growlers. 

Cold Brew Concentrate – unlike standard ready to drink cold brew, is intended to be used as a mix-in ingredient. Concentrated Coffee is usually cut with milk, a non-dairy alternative, or water to create a handful of fun coffee beverages. Cold Brew Concentrate is currently available by a request 2 days in advance. Misfit is working on having a steady supply of concentrate ready to go at all times for this upcoming summer season

Concentrate works well when trying to re-create the taste of an ice latte by cutting the concentrate with some form of dairy, or non-dairy alternative. Concentrate also works well when trying to utilize the flavors of coffee in other beverages and recipes!

We are also in the development stages of ready-to-drink (RTD) Cold Brew options to help carry people though their days.

Know someone who might want to serve Misfit Nitro Cold Brew on tap, restaurant, party, graduation, corporation? Let us know and we will reach out, or have them contact us!

Other places serving Misfit Cold Brew

Black Coffee And Waffle Bar St. Paul - 2180 Marshall Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Alchemy 365 North loop - 246 9th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Alchemy 365 North East - 120 SE 3rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

CrossFit Minneapolis - 1313 Chestnut Ave #110, Minneapolis, MN 55403

CrossFit St. Paul - 470 Cleveland Ave N #1, St Paul, MN 55104

Peterson Milla Hooks - 1315 Harmon Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Wake up to the true pleasure of having quality cold brew available at any given time, pick up a Misfit Coffee growler and keep on keepin' on.


New Retail Coffee Bags


New Retail Coffee Bags

After months of long hours, hard work, and creative stress the collaborative design efforts of former Misfit: Alex Boehm And owner of Spark Letterpress Valerie Carlson lead

Alex had one major design theme in mind when creating these unique retail bags - To NOT fit in with the rest of what you commonly see on a coffee selection shelf.

The Misfit Coffee bags are completely assembled by hand, including the flex tie on the top, the stickers on the letterpress labels, and the letterpress labels themselves.

We really hope you enjoy the fresh feel and eye pleasing design on these bags, just as much as the product inside of them!


New Winter Hours


New Winter Hours

Please be aware our hours of operation have changed for the rest of the winter season.

Monday-Friday 7am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-3pm

Stay Caffeinated 


Summer Drink Special Menu


Summer Drink Special Menu

The summer heat is here, along with Misfit Coffee's Newest line-up of drink specials! 

SASSAFRAS BLAST - The Sassafras blast is the Highlight of our summer menu. Combining some of the most popular items on our menu, we crafted an iced coffee beverage that closely resembles a nostalgic root beer float, with that special Misfit twist of course. This drink is composed by using a touch of heavy whipping cream, our homemade horchata, nitro cold brew coffee, and topped with IBC rootbeer. the Sassafras Blast is Pure creamy caffeinated goodness!

ESPRESSO TINI - Short, and straight to the point the Espresso Tini Is our smaller summer refreshment. This drink is made by throwing some ice in a martini shaker, along with some half and half, espresso, and the flavor of your choice.

GRAHAM CRACKER - Ideal for a summer evening, rich and semi-sweet with hints of vanilla, and topped with crushed graham cracker)

NILLA MINT - light and refreshing with a touch of sweetness. Made with our Homemade Vanilla, and Peppermint extract, this is the perfect drink to keep you going through a hot summer day!)

SPRO-DA-POP - The Spro-Da-Pop has been on our standard menu all year long, but we wanted to re-highlight it, as it is a perfect cold espresso beverage on a hot day. As strange as it sounds, the Spro-Da-Pop is ultra refreshing and simple. Mexican Coca-Cola (made with cane sugar) topped with espresso.

RED WINE HOT CHOCOLATE - The red wine hot chocolate was inspired by an Izzy's Ice Cream flavor (Dark Chocolate Zin) and created with music and movies in the park in mind. Being that music and movies in the park is an evening event we wanted to offer something non-caffenated yet interesting and delicious. We think we hit those two categories perfectly with the combination of our dark chocolate sea salt from Indulgence Chocolatiers, with red wine infused steamed whole milk. This is the perfect night time beverage, and pairs great with caramel corn and a movie!


Twin Cities Caffeine Crawl


Twin Cities Caffeine Crawl

Join us, along with a handful of other awesome coffee providers for the 3rd Twin Cities Caffeine Crawl!

Get your tickets to tour some of the hottest coffee stops in the Twin Cities. Saturdays Crawl includes Misfit Coffee and you can either choose between the driving, or biking option as your mode of transportation between stops!

Read more information about the event - http://www.caffeinecrawl.com/twin-cities-2016.html

BUY TICKETS - http://www.caffeinecrawl.com/twin-cities-16-tickets.html

What is the Caffeine Crawl?

Caffeine Crawl was developed by The LAB to give enthusiasts of quality-driven coffee, tea, and chocolate a one-of-a-kind experience. Designed as an interactive, pub crawl style tour event, Caffeine Crawl gives individuals an opportunity to learn, share and experience what the passionate baristas, tea soms, coffee roasters, chocolatiers and other local, artisan producers in their communities bring to the table. 

These products are an intrinsic part of our daily lives - from our morning cups of coffee to the evening nightcap of tea or treat of artisan chocolate. Many of us have embraced the craft and passion behind the teams of people that help produce these products and make our communities a better place to live. Through Caffeine Crawl, fans like us are being given a chance to learn more about the quality, technique and process of the products, and get to know the artisans behind the products a little better. 

Caffeine Crawl will spread about metropolitan areas, fostering relationships between the public and local specialty shops and manufacturers.

Each Caffeine Crawl host city has anywhere from 10 to 30 locations selected for Crawl attendees to visit via their selected route. No two Crawls are the same - each one is built around the city's personality, culture, traffic structure and local event flow. Depending on the number of participating businesses, routes visit 5-6 locations on a scheduled layout program, pre-approved with participating shops to keep the fun (and caffeine!) flowing smoothly. At every stop on the tour, Crawlers engage in a presentation by the shop or a hands-on activity, and enjoy a free drink or chocolate sample provided by the shop and redeemable by attendees only. 

This innovative concept is building a community that reaches from one side of the bar to the other, and we want you to be a part of it! Visit our press page to check out the buzz that's been building around Caffeine Crawl, and see our FAQ page for more information. Cheers! 


Cinco De Mayo Drink Specials


Cinco De Mayo Drink Specials

Join us on Cinco De Mayo for a delicious lineup of handcrafted, hispanic inspired beverages.

The First 40 people who order a Cinco De Mayo special will receive a free churro to pair with the beverage.

Chata-Lata - Rather Than Using Milk for this latte, we use our homemade Horchata.

Mayan Spiced Mocha - Indulgence Chocolatiers Mayan Spice Chocolate in a latte, with Tequila.

Spro-Da-Pop - mexican Coca-cola (Real Cane Sugar) with a shot of espresso, served on the rocks.

Mexican Hot Cocoa - Indulgence Chocolatiers Mayan Spice Chocolate along with steamed milk.


Izzy's Ice Cream now serving Misfit Coffee's Nitro Cold Brew


Izzy's Ice Cream now serving Misfit Coffee's Nitro Cold Brew

Ever wonder what to do when the Misfit Coffee trailer has left the neighborhood for the day, and you still need that delicious kick of caffeination? The choice has just got a whole lot easier, now that Izzy's Ice Cream is now serving Nitro Cold Brew Coffee From Brewed and kegged by Misfit Coffee. This offering is currently only available at the Minneapolis location. (1100 2nd St. S. Minneapolis 55415) 

Be on the lookout for a Nitro Cold Brew float this summer as well.


New Drink Specials  Spring 2016


New Drink Specials Spring 2016

Now That Misfit Coffee's wheels are rolling again, we have some awesome new drinks to keep your tastebuds tingling!

Horchata Del Noche  
The Horchata Del Noche is the perfect balance of strong and smooth coffee flavors, with just the right flare of sweetness from our homemade horchata. This summer special is a combination of our nitro cold brew coffee, horchata, and a perfectly pulled shot of espresso. There is nothing better to start to a hot summer day, as it is served on the rocks.

Bourbon Brown Wood Latte

The Bourbon Brown Wood Latte is definitely a complex, yet delicious creation. To start, we soak American oak wood cubes in Wild Turkey Bourbon, blending the two flavor profiles, after we let that steep, we strain out the oak cubes putting them into a brown/raw sugar mix, along with orange peels and honey. The final touch is a few drops of the oak infused bourbon to add strong aromatics. This drink is a must try for anyone who is a fan of nature based flavors! - Try it hot or iced!

Turmeric Ginger Chai Tea Latte

Made using Rishi Tea Turmeric Ginger Chai concentrate, and paired with milk or other non-dairy alternative. The turmeric chai packs just the right kick of spice, and is a refreshing non-coffee beverage to enjoy hot or iced during the spring and summer months.

Malted Vanilla latte & Mocha

Like to keep it plain and simple? The malted vanilla latte or mocha is the perfect choice for you. The addition of malt gives the latte a bit more thickness and depth of flavor. Imagine an espresso coated malted milk ball, served through a trailer window.


We Want Your Input  BAKERY


We Want Your Input BAKERY

Since day one of starting Misfit Coffee Company we have always intended to carry bakery. Our initial start-up was not the right time to add more to our daily operations. Now the time has come to add a bit more to our offerings. We are looking to work with one, or possibly a few local, smaller bakeries.

We would love to hear back from the people who would hopefully be supporting this new addition to our menu.

  • What baked good providers would you like to see us maybe bring on board?
  • What type of baked goods, or pastries would you like to see us carry?

Drop a comment below and help us bring you exactly what fills your favorite cravings!

If you own a small bakery and think you may offer a product that fits our current brand please send an email to misfitcoffee@gmail.com, we would love to chat with you.

Thank you!


Use Instagram to Follow what we do, and where we are? read this.


Use Instagram to Follow what we do, and where we are? read this.

Instagram has changed the way you see people's news feeds that you follow, in short you see some post, and miss others. If you use Instagram to follow where we are parked, or just love seeing all the new things we are up to, please press the three dots in the upper right hand corner of our images on instagram and press "turn on post notifications." This insures you will never miss a drop of what we are doing, or where we are!

Thank you to everyone supporting us on social media, and joining in on our journey as a new start up operation! we love staying in touch with all of our Misfit across the board of social media outlets!


New Drink Specials


New Drink Specials


The Rum-Chata-Lata is made with our signature homemade horchata (mexican rice water) The addition of original spiced Captain Morgan brings the warmth and throat kick to this beverage.

Kiddie + Izzy Affogato

Our time inside of Izzy's Ice Cream gets shorter by the day, so what better way to take advantage of our awesome collaboration than an affogato. An affogato is a shot of espresso poured over ice cream. In our case, you get the choice of any 2 Izzy ice cream flavors and we will handle the espresso part of things.

Peanut Butter Cup Latte

Our Peanut Butter Cup Latte is pretty self explanatory, chocolate and peanut butter served in the form of a latte, with a mini peanut butter cup on the side!

Pour-Over Coffee Sampler (Serves 2)

Often times a group of people come in, wanting to try and compare different coffee's. We decided to not only make this more simple, but more fun too! Choose any 4 of our coffee offerings in a 6oz or 8oz size. Served on a beer flight board, we will provide a fun tasting note sheet to help you better understand what you are tasting, and how they are different. What better way to find your favorite Misfit brew, and gain a better understanding of your tastebuds!


Join us this Valentines Day For A Sweet Treat!


Join us this Valentines Day For A Sweet Treat!

Valentines day is stupid, over-rated, and just a pointless holiday...right? We say no, not when your local specialty coffee shop is offering a great "date" experience for two! 

So this is a cheesy couples only deal...again, no! This is a great opportunity to get together with a friend or loved one, while being catered to an indulgent, sweet time. We know there are three things people really love: great coffee, rich chocolate, and premium ice cream, which is why we are giving you exactly that!

Join us this Sunday on Valentines day February 14th, at Izzy's Ice Cream located at 1100 2nd St. S. Minneapolis, 55415 from 7am-5pm to get in on this sweet deal.

$40.00 gets you all of this!

(2) "Misfit date for 2 exclusive latte" Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte, Poured over A Single Scoop of your choice of Izzy's Ice Cream (although we will recommend a few that work better than others) Both the latte, and Ice cream are made with all natural ingredients.

(4) Assorted Abdallah Truffles - Local Company Started in Minneapolis, Currently in Burnsville MN. http://www.abdallahcandies.com/

(2) Assorted Apples Of Eden meltaways in dark and or milk chocolate. Apples Of Eden is a candy store in the Greendale Village, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by Marcus' Mother and father. http://www.applesofeden.com/index2.html

(2) 6oz Whole Bean bags of...wait for it... VALENTINE COFFEE, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Choose between nine different origin offerings, listed lightest to darkest: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Bali, Sumatra, Mexican Decaf.                                  (can be ground upon request) http://valentinecoffeeco.com/

What is a Chocolate Meltaway? Meltaway centers are made by mixing chocolate and a lauric fat (like coconut or palm oil) with some flavoring and letting it set, kind of a dairyless ganache. What makes them unique is the way they, well, melt away in your mouth. The combined melting point is well below both that of chocolate (94 °F) and coconut oil (76 °F), and both of those are below body temperature.

For those accompanying themselves we will have new offerings of Drink Specials, replacing our winter specials. These will certainly spark the interest of all types! Rum-Chata-Lata, chocolate peanut butter latte, pour over coffee sampler (4 different coffees meant to serve 2) as well as Kiddi + Izzy affogato (choose between (2) different Izzy Ice Cream flavors, and we will top it with a shot of espresso!

Kid friendly Coffee Free drinks available as well, such as a strawberry hot coco, and others.



2015/2016 Winter Drink Specials


2015/2016 Winter Drink Specials

The Drink menu in Izzy's consists of our entire previous menu, full of fun and traditional offerings one would expect to see at any third wave style brew bar. We still offer strictly manual methods for brewed coffee such as: pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Siphon and nitro cold brew. We currently offer 8 different single origin coffees, roasted by our great friends in Milwaukee - Valentine Coffee Roasters. Still tied to our creative seasonal offerings, we have what I believe is a killer winter drink list. When creating our seasonal winter offerings I had intentions to bring light to two drinks that are not as commonly known by the average coffee consumer, leading to the creation of the coco-mint con panna, and holiday cortado.

This version of a Con Panna is comprised of espresso poured over dark chocolate sea salt, provided by Indulgence Chocolatiers out of Milwaukee, which is then melted down by mixing, The drink is topped with a homemade: spearmint, peppermint and rosemary whip cream, and finally garnished with sprig of fresh mint.

 @CAITLINFULTZ - Instagram photo

@CAITLINFULTZ - Instagram photo

The Holiday Cortado starts with the base being a real homemade brown sugar butter. The butter and spices are all mixed together, melted down, and caramelized to make for a burnt brown sugar underlying flavor, followed by the more distinguishable spices that make up the gingerbread profile. The espresso shot pours directly into the vessel with the butter, causing it to melt, and becomes ready to pair with the remaining 3oz of steamed whole milk.

Humpty Dumpty - The humpty Dumpty is our most savory beverage on the winter menu, given that the eggnog/milk mixture makes for a more viscous texture. Then coffee flavors are subtle and well rounded with the profile of the butter-rum and eggnog. The Humpty Dumpty is seasonal and wont be around long after the holidays, as eggnog becomes hard to source, so get it while it's here!

Nilla-Mint Latte - The Nilla-Mint Latte is the perfect balance of warm reminders of the winter season. scents of fresh peppermint, sweetness of vanilla and the flavors of dried spearmint, paired with the sensation of "warmth" obtained with the addition of rosemary. As complex as it may sound, it is a simple, and well balanced beverage that can be enjoyed by all types of coffee lovers!

Mayan Chata-Lata – The Mayan Chata-Lata is an addition to our already signature Chata-Lata beverage. The Mayan version of the Chata-Lata uses Indulgence Chocolatiers Mayan Spice Coco, then paired with our homemade horchata, which is steamed to the consistency of a latte. If you enjoy spicy chocolate, this special is a must!

 @misfitcoffee - Instagram photo

@misfitcoffee - Instagram photo

Aside from all the fun "warm" drinks, we plan to eventually "cool" things down a bit. We have intentions, and are excited to be able to experiment on some fun new recipes involving ice cream, from non-other than the super premium ice cream retailer, Izzy's Ice Cream. Working on a ice cream infused coffee or espresso beverage may take some time, but I want this to be the best affogato-like experience around, regardless of the actual composition of the final beverage.

-Marcus Parkansky