The helping hands of Misfit coffee's forthcoming.

Thank you all for visiting our website! As the trailer build-out comes to it's completion, and we get ready to conquer the pavement I have a few thanks to mention.

People could not have been more gracious with there time, effort, care, and help with the start-up of Misfit Coffee Company. Honestly, without the help of these friends our business would not be as strong, and well put together as it is.

To any and all hands that have helped Misfit Coffee get to this point, from something so simple as a keystroke towards a comment on our page, or a click on the mouse giving us a like.

The quality of work put into the trailer, mirrors that of our product we send out the window to our customers. Full of passion, attention to detail, and hard work.


  • Graphic work starting from nothing and perfectly sketched by the hands of - Micah Jesse.
  • Burnt hands from an entire week of fabrications on our generator box - Howard Pecard.
  • Bending new electrical pipe and rewiring the entire trailer by hand – Tim Johnson.
  • Filling in the blanks to the platform of our website and handing it off to me, with the proper knowledge to maintain it. – John Papp. (
  • Small batch coffee, crafted by the hands at - Valentine Coffee Roasters. (
  • Hands on assistance and guidance from one of our favorite local food truck owners – Vincent Spica (Vins Italian)
  • A huge helping hand with kitchen space from – Potters Pasties & Pies. (
  • Help with understanding and setting up our legal documentation. – Kurt Boehm
  • Torn up and bloody hands from the Misfit Coffee trailer trying to rebel and fight back with my Dad, who not only put together, but built nearly the entire interior of the trailer!– Jamie Parkansky
  • The hands that carefully placed each graphic on the exterior of the trailer – Giovanni Lopez. (

Again, Thank you.


- Marcus Parkansky -

Founder of Misfit Coffee Company.