2015/2016 Winter Drink Specials

The Drink menu in Izzy's consists of our entire previous menu, full of fun and traditional offerings one would expect to see at any third wave style brew bar. We still offer strictly manual methods for brewed coffee such as: pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Siphon and nitro cold brew. We currently offer 8 different single origin coffees, roasted by our great friends in Milwaukee - Valentine Coffee Roasters. Still tied to our creative seasonal offerings, we have what I believe is a killer winter drink list. When creating our seasonal winter offerings I had intentions to bring light to two drinks that are not as commonly known by the average coffee consumer, leading to the creation of the coco-mint con panna, and holiday cortado.

This version of a Con Panna is comprised of espresso poured over dark chocolate sea salt, provided by Indulgence Chocolatiers out of Milwaukee, which is then melted down by mixing, The drink is topped with a homemade: spearmint, peppermint and rosemary whip cream, and finally garnished with sprig of fresh mint.

@CAITLINFULTZ - Instagram photo

@CAITLINFULTZ - Instagram photo

The Holiday Cortado starts with the base being a real homemade brown sugar butter. The butter and spices are all mixed together, melted down, and caramelized to make for a burnt brown sugar underlying flavor, followed by the more distinguishable spices that make up the gingerbread profile. The espresso shot pours directly into the vessel with the butter, causing it to melt, and becomes ready to pair with the remaining 3oz of steamed whole milk.

Humpty Dumpty - The humpty Dumpty is our most savory beverage on the winter menu, given that the eggnog/milk mixture makes for a more viscous texture. Then coffee flavors are subtle and well rounded with the profile of the butter-rum and eggnog. The Humpty Dumpty is seasonal and wont be around long after the holidays, as eggnog becomes hard to source, so get it while it's here!

Nilla-Mint Latte - The Nilla-Mint Latte is the perfect balance of warm reminders of the winter season. scents of fresh peppermint, sweetness of vanilla and the flavors of dried spearmint, paired with the sensation of "warmth" obtained with the addition of rosemary. As complex as it may sound, it is a simple, and well balanced beverage that can be enjoyed by all types of coffee lovers!

Mayan Chata-Lata – The Mayan Chata-Lata is an addition to our already signature Chata-Lata beverage. The Mayan version of the Chata-Lata uses Indulgence Chocolatiers Mayan Spice Coco, then paired with our homemade horchata, which is steamed to the consistency of a latte. If you enjoy spicy chocolate, this special is a must!

@misfitcoffee - Instagram photo

@misfitcoffee - Instagram photo

Aside from all the fun "warm" drinks, we plan to eventually "cool" things down a bit. We have intentions, and are excited to be able to experiment on some fun new recipes involving ice cream, from non-other than the super premium ice cream retailer, Izzy's Ice Cream. Working on a ice cream infused coffee or espresso beverage may take some time, but I want this to be the best affogato-like experience around, regardless of the actual composition of the final beverage.

-Marcus Parkansky

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