New Drink Specials


The Rum-Chata-Lata is made with our signature homemade horchata (mexican rice water) The addition of original spiced Captain Morgan brings the warmth and throat kick to this beverage.

Kiddie + Izzy Affogato

Our time inside of Izzy's Ice Cream gets shorter by the day, so what better way to take advantage of our awesome collaboration than an affogato. An affogato is a shot of espresso poured over ice cream. In our case, you get the choice of any 2 Izzy ice cream flavors and we will handle the espresso part of things.

Peanut Butter Cup Latte

Our Peanut Butter Cup Latte is pretty self explanatory, chocolate and peanut butter served in the form of a latte, with a mini peanut butter cup on the side!

Pour-Over Coffee Sampler (Serves 2)

Often times a group of people come in, wanting to try and compare different coffee's. We decided to not only make this more simple, but more fun too! Choose any 4 of our coffee offerings in a 6oz or 8oz size. Served on a beer flight board, we will provide a fun tasting note sheet to help you better understand what you are tasting, and how they are different. What better way to find your favorite Misfit brew, and gain a better understanding of your tastebuds!

Marcus ParkanskyComment