Join us this Valentines Day For A Sweet Treat!

Valentines day is stupid, over-rated, and just a pointless holiday...right? We say no, not when your local specialty coffee shop is offering a great "date" experience for two! 

So this is a cheesy couples only deal...again, no! This is a great opportunity to get together with a friend or loved one, while being catered to an indulgent, sweet time. We know there are three things people really love: great coffee, rich chocolate, and premium ice cream, which is why we are giving you exactly that!

Join us this Sunday on Valentines day February 14th, at Izzy's Ice Cream located at 1100 2nd St. S. Minneapolis, 55415 from 7am-5pm to get in on this sweet deal.

$40.00 gets you all of this!

(2) "Misfit date for 2 exclusive latte" Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte, Poured over A Single Scoop of your choice of Izzy's Ice Cream (although we will recommend a few that work better than others) Both the latte, and Ice cream are made with all natural ingredients.

(4) Assorted Abdallah Truffles - Local Company Started in Minneapolis, Currently in Burnsville MN.

(2) Assorted Apples Of Eden meltaways in dark and or milk chocolate. Apples Of Eden is a candy store in the Greendale Village, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by Marcus' Mother and father.

(2) 6oz Whole Bean bags of...wait for it... VALENTINE COFFEE, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Choose between nine different origin offerings, listed lightest to darkest: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Bali, Sumatra, Mexican Decaf.                                  (can be ground upon request)

What is a Chocolate Meltaway? Meltaway centers are made by mixing chocolate and a lauric fat (like coconut or palm oil) with some flavoring and letting it set, kind of a dairyless ganache. What makes them unique is the way they, well, melt away in your mouth. The combined melting point is well below both that of chocolate (94 °F) and coconut oil (76 °F), and both of those are below body temperature.

For those accompanying themselves we will have new offerings of Drink Specials, replacing our winter specials. These will certainly spark the interest of all types! Rum-Chata-Lata, chocolate peanut butter latte, pour over coffee sampler (4 different coffees meant to serve 2) as well as Kiddi + Izzy affogato (choose between (2) different Izzy Ice Cream flavors, and we will top it with a shot of espresso!

Kid friendly Coffee Free drinks available as well, such as a strawberry hot coco, and others.

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