We Want Your Input BAKERY

Since day one of starting Misfit Coffee Company we have always intended to carry bakery. Our initial start-up was not the right time to add more to our daily operations. Now the time has come to add a bit more to our offerings. We are looking to work with one, or possibly a few local, smaller bakeries.

We would love to hear back from the people who would hopefully be supporting this new addition to our menu.

  • What baked good providers would you like to see us maybe bring on board?
  • What type of baked goods, or pastries would you like to see us carry?

Drop a comment below and help us bring you exactly what fills your favorite cravings!

If you own a small bakery and think you may offer a product that fits our current brand please send an email to misfitcoffee@gmail.com, we would love to chat with you.

Thank you!