Summer Drink Special Menu

The summer heat is here, along with Misfit Coffee's Newest line-up of drink specials! 

SASSAFRAS BLAST - The Sassafras blast is the Highlight of our summer menu. Combining some of the most popular items on our menu, we crafted an iced coffee beverage that closely resembles a nostalgic root beer float, with that special Misfit twist of course. This drink is composed by using a touch of heavy whipping cream, our homemade horchata, nitro cold brew coffee, and topped with IBC rootbeer. the Sassafras Blast is Pure creamy caffeinated goodness!

ESPRESSO TINI - Short, and straight to the point the Espresso Tini Is our smaller summer refreshment. This drink is made by throwing some ice in a martini shaker, along with some half and half, espresso, and the flavor of your choice.

GRAHAM CRACKER - Ideal for a summer evening, rich and semi-sweet with hints of vanilla, and topped with crushed graham cracker)

NILLA MINT - light and refreshing with a touch of sweetness. Made with our Homemade Vanilla, and Peppermint extract, this is the perfect drink to keep you going through a hot summer day!)

SPRO-DA-POP - The Spro-Da-Pop has been on our standard menu all year long, but we wanted to re-highlight it, as it is a perfect cold espresso beverage on a hot day. As strange as it sounds, the Spro-Da-Pop is ultra refreshing and simple. Mexican Coca-Cola (made with cane sugar) topped with espresso.

RED WINE HOT CHOCOLATE - The red wine hot chocolate was inspired by an Izzy's Ice Cream flavor (Dark Chocolate Zin) and created with music and movies in the park in mind. Being that music and movies in the park is an evening event we wanted to offer something non-caffenated yet interesting and delicious. We think we hit those two categories perfectly with the combination of our dark chocolate sea salt from Indulgence Chocolatiers, with red wine infused steamed whole milk. This is the perfect night time beverage, and pairs great with caramel corn and a movie!