Cold Brew Coffee Growlers - NOW AVAILABLE

With Fall approaching, its time to start thinking about all the fun forms of summer caffeination.

We were so stoked to see how excited our customers were with Misfit's half gallon cold brew growlers. It was interesting to hear feedback from our customers on how they utilized their large supply of cold coffee most regularly: some make cocktails, some make iced lattes, others throw it in the back seat of every summer road trip they make.

Misfit Cold Brew growlers have endless uses, and we plan to add to the fun by releasing some unique “at home recipes” for both coffee beverages, as well as alcoholic cocktail recipes!

64 ounce growlers are available for purchase at the Misfit Coffee, as well as a few other locations around Minneapolis & Saint Paul. Initial purchase price is $22.00 and refills are $15.00 - Black Coffee & Waffle Bar (Saint Paul) fills Misfit Growlers. 

Cold Brew Concentrate – unlike standard ready to drink cold brew, is intended to be used as a mix-in ingredient. Concentrated Coffee is usually cut with milk, a non-dairy alternative, or water to create a handful of fun coffee beverages. Cold Brew Concentrate is currently available by a request 2 days in advance. Misfit is working on having a steady supply of concentrate ready to go at all times for this upcoming summer season

Concentrate works well when trying to re-create the taste of an ice latte by cutting the concentrate with some form of dairy, or non-dairy alternative. Concentrate also works well when trying to utilize the flavors of coffee in other beverages and recipes!

We are also in the development stages of ready-to-drink (RTD) Cold Brew options to help carry people though their days.

Know someone who might want to serve Misfit Nitro Cold Brew on tap, restaurant, party, graduation, corporation? Let us know and we will reach out, or have them contact us!

Other places serving Misfit Cold Brew

Black Coffee And Waffle Bar St. Paul - 2180 Marshall Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Alchemy 365 North loop - 246 9th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Alchemy 365 North East - 120 SE 3rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

CrossFit Minneapolis - 1313 Chestnut Ave #110, Minneapolis, MN 55403

CrossFit St. Paul - 470 Cleveland Ave N #1, St Paul, MN 55104

Peterson Milla Hooks - 1315 Harmon Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Wake up to the true pleasure of having quality cold brew available at any given time, pick up a Misfit Coffee growler and keep on keepin' on.