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Misfit Coffee was created with the idea of paving the roads of Minneapolis, Minnesota with the best cup of coffee imaginable, leaving our mark on every customer that we meet along the way.

The Misfit Coffee trailer was constructed to showcase the fine detail and genuine craftsmanship that goes behind brewing our coffee. Striving to utilize only the finest brewing methods in the industry, we start with a single serving of freshly roasted coffee beans, ground onsite. For us it’s about more than coffee, so we focus on creating a pure sensory experience for each customer, transforming all of our passion and previous learnings into a beverage that can be enjoyed in an open air, community-oriented atmosphere.

The streets can be bustling and busy at all times, but there is a zen-like enlightenment that can come from witnessing something so beautiful being crafted from what seems to be nothing. Followed by experiencing the full realm that is native to a single origin of coffee in the form of terroir.

Unlike anything found in a brick and mortar cafe, the concept of our business relies on an unusual experience – with no laptops or headphones to create barriers to live conversations, and with no walls to shelter us from the beauty of the outdoors. Rather, we create a curbside experience with a 98 square foot trailer, focusing on bringing the finest quality of coffee and espresso beverages to our supporters, or as we call them, “MISFITS.”

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“Here's to the crazy ones”

I consider myself a creator, “someone who turns nothing into something”, so I have used this skill in many ways: art, photography, problem solving, and most recently creating Misfit Coffee Company. The experience of having a blank canvas, yet envisioning a beautiful work of art, is truly an amazing thought. The way people can use their minds in such an abstract way is what I believe leads to the best innovations and work alike. Everything starts simply as an idea. Those who take the extra step to test reality are the people who inspire me everyday. The greatest part of being a creator, is that anyone is capable of owning up to this title. For those who think alike, or those who do not, I suggest you try. If you have a passion to take one of your great ideas, and try to turn it into a reality, DO IT! At the very least you can say you tried. The word impossible has such a small meaning in comparison to what people believe is impossible. When you think something is impossible, try to prove yourself wrong, be you, and be crazy while doing it. Try to explore new parts of your mind and the beautiful world around us, because “those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.